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Respected and valued by our customers, Brunswick Cars specialises in providing quality, safe and reliable minibus and coach hire with professional drivers.

  1. It is the policy of Brunswick Cars Ltd not to accept provisional bookings.
  2. Telephone bookings can be made and are confirmed at the time of the telephone conversation.
    Alterations can be made to your booking by informing us in writing of your intended changes. Brunswick Cars Ltd does not charge an administration fee for this service however should your change include additional hours/miles the current charges shall apply.
    Charges for additional hours/miles are as follows:-
    Additional hours:-
    8-16 Seats

    07.00 Hrs-23.00 Hrs £30.00 per hour or part thereof
    23.00 Hrs-07.00 Hrs £55.00 per hour or part thereof
    17-26 Seats
    07.00 Hrs-23.00 Hrs £45.00 per hour or part thereof
    23.00 Hrs-07.00 Hrs £85.00 per hour or part thereof@ £1.50 pence per mile (8-16 seats)
    @ £1.70 pence per mile (17-26 seats)Additional hours/miles can be provided at the discretion of the driver at the time of travel and are dependant upon his workload and his compliance with driver’s hours and regulations. A free waiting period of 15 minutes is allowed starting from the pre-arranged collection time. After this free period, charges for extra time must be paid to the driver prior to departure.
  3. A written confirmation/invoice shall be sent to you once your booking has been confirmed stating the following:-
    The pick up time, pick up address, destination, return time, coach size and the total cost of your travel. The confirmation document will also inform you as to when the total amount/deposit should be paid. If the amount due is not paid by the due date, we reserve the right to cancel your booking without prior notice. If this action is necessary and we are unable to re-book the coach that you reserved, a cancellation charge will apply.If you need to cancel your booking for any reason the following charges will be incurred:-
    Cancellation giving twenty-eight days notice… No charge
    Cancellation between twenty eight and fourteen days… 50% of booking
    Cancellation of less than fourteen days notice… 100% of booking
  4. It is our obligation to provide vehicles that are suitable for the purpose for which they are hired. We maintain our vehicles to the highest standard and should a breakdown occur, we guarantee to send a replacement coach or to provide alternative transport of an equal standard. We reserve the right to extend your journey by up to two hours without additional cost to ourselves in the case of a breakdown occurring.
  5. We cannot accept responsibility for any delays to your itinerary due to road traffic conditions, weather, road closures or any other obstacles which may cause a delay that is beyond our control. Unless specifically requested we cannot guarantee to use a particular route.
  6. We reserve the right to subcontract your booking to another approved operator.
  7. Smoking is not allowed on any of our minibuses/ coaches at any time.
  8. Alcohol, bottles & glasses are not allowed on any of our minibuses/coaches at any time. If alcohol, bottles & glasses are brought on board without the drivers consent, we reserve the right to terminate your hire immediately. We will not accept responsibility for any costs incurred for your onward journey.
  9. Food and drink must not be consumed on board any of our minibuses/coaches.
  10. A charge of £100.00 for the valeting of the minibus/coach will be made in the event of sickness which causes any of the furnishings to be made dirty. If the coach is not available for use on the next booked hire due to sickness, additional charges for loss of earnings may apply.
  11. Passengers are not permitted to operate any equipment which forms part of the vehicle (e.g. Radio/CD player) without the permission of the driver.
  12. Personal property taken on board the minibuses/coaches is taken on board entirely at the owner’s risk.Brunswick Cars Ltd can not accept responsibility for items that are lost or stolen. Lost property shall be kept for three months. If you require us to post the lost property to you, must send us a stamped addressed package for this purpose.
  13. Conditions of carriage: When you travel on an aircraft, train, ship the conditions of carriage of the operator apply and are subject to national and international conditions which may limit or exclude liability. Your contract made under the terms and conditions of this agreement is subject to English Law and jurisdiction, the public service vehicle (conduct of drivers, conductors and passenger) regulations as amended 1936 apply to all coaches, throughout any hire within the UK.
  14. The person booking with Brunswick Cars Ltd agrees on behalf of all passengers to accept responsibility for any damage caused to the vehicle and its equipment (this includes the valeting of any vehicle or item should they be made unnecessarily dirty).
  15. We reserve the right to cancel your booking at any time during your journey if the conduct of your group is such that the driver feels that either himself, the coach of its equipment is in jeopardy. In such cases no refund will be made and additional charges may be made for valeting the coach or replacing equipment.
  16. DELAYS: 
Brunswick Cars will monitor the flight progress based on information available. The driver shall amend his arrival time accordingly. If however the flight arrival time is amended due to delays following the chauffeur’s arrival at the airport, then additional waiting time will be charged at our basic hourly rate from the current tariff. If, as a result of extreme delays the chauffeur is required to return to the airport in order to collect the client, then this will be at the convenience of Brunswick Cars. Brunswick Cars Ltd are obliged to carry out other pre-booked reservations, and cannot cause delays and inconvenience to other clients as a result of flight delays. To ensure that a vehicle is available for your late arrival please inform our office as soon as you are aware of any delay to your arrival time.
: The vehicles/drivers of Brunswick Cars are fully insured including Public Liability Insurance.
  18. ROUTE
: The route taken is at the driver’s discretion. The driver will take the best possible route and in the event of heavy traffic congestion, he/she will amend the route if necessary and endeavour to deliver passengers to their destination on time. Brunswick Cars do not accept responsibility for any delays or missed appointments/travel arrangements. Always allow plenty of time for your journey.
  19. SPEED
: The driver will always drive within the legal speed limits at the safest possible speed for the conditions. Under no circumstances, other than when travelling in a Police escort convoy, shall they exceed the legal speed limit at your request.
: Brunswick Cars operate a strict NO SMOKING policy in all our vehicles to protect the drivers health and our liabilities in line with health and safety legislation. Smoking in the cars is not permitted. The driver will stop for a break if requested. Please inform us in advance if this is required to allow extra time for the journey.
: The consumption of alcohol and food is forbidden in all vehicles used by Brunswick Cars unless pre-booked direct with Brunswick Cars Ltd.
  22. DOGS
: Guide dogs are welcome in our Vehicles.
: Brunswick Cars DO NOT provide child seats for our vehicles. If a child seat is required for your journey, it must be provided by the parent/carer of the child and fitted correctly by them. The parent/carer is responsible for the safety of the child at all times.
If for any reason you are unhappy with an aspect of your journey or a member of our staff please make your comments known to the driver at the time of the incident. You will also be required to put your complaint in writing and send it to our email address: [email protected] detailing the date and time of the complaint, the driver’s details and the nature of your complaint. Brunswick Cars will endeavour to rectify these matters immediately but may take further action if necessary.
:The first 15 minutes of waiting time (excluding airport transfers) is included in the hire price. Thereafter, waiting time will be charged at our basic hourly rate based on our current tariff at the time of journey, and will be rounded off to the nearest quarter hour.
: Brunswick Cars reserve the right to refuse travel to any person deemed to be a nuisance or danger to our passengers or employees. If necessary Specialist Chauffeur Services may request the police to assist us in removing any offenders from our vehicles. In these circumstances NO REFUND will be issued and NO COMPENSATION will be paid. Brunswick Cars WILL seek to press charges through the police for any damage caused or violence offered to our employees.


Brunswick Cars reserves the right to refuse or terminate any booking if it is felt to be not genuine or places any driver or vehicle at risk of damage or abuse by the client or by persons (connected or not connected with the client) in the vicinity of any location during the hire. The vehicle will leave the vicinity of any disturbance whether the client is present or not and only return when safe to do so. Brunswick Cars will terminate the hire with immediately effect and ask the client to vacate the vehicle (when safe to do so) if at the chauffeur’s discretion the client commits any act which threatens the safety of the vehicle or its occupants. There will be NO REFUND of fare if part way through the hire or a later return journey is unused. The passengers will be refused entry if the driver suspects drug, alcohol or solvent abuse prior to or during the hire period.


The carrying or use of any illegal drugs or weapons in our vehicles is forbidden.


Brunswick Cars DO NOT accept responsibility for the following: delays due to adverse weather conditions; theft, loss or damage of any item belonging to any of the passengers travelling in our vehicles unless caused by a member of our staff, delays caused by road traffic accidents, passenger illness or injury, other traffic conditions or acts of God. Any passenger leaving possessions or items in the vehicle does so at their own risk.


Brunswick Cars aim to provide our clients with the vehicle group booked at all times. However Brunswick Cars reserve the right to provide a similar vehicle if such vehicles are not available.


Excess charges will be incurred for any journey made on a public or bank holiday or during unsocial hours (2000-0800). If the date of travel falls on one of these dates please make this known to our staff whilst making the reservation and the tariff will be amended accordingly, we reserve the right to amend your reservation(s) accordingly shall you not inform us.


Any costs incurred on the journey (including parking costs and toll costs) will be charged at cost. If parking tickets are issued to our drivers/vehicles as a result of passenger instructions then the client named on the contract will incur additional costs to cover these.


All luggage is to be placed in the luggage compartment provided. The driver must agree to any item the client wishes to take into the vehicle with them.

 : Our staff will be responsible for opening doors of vehicles when safe to do so. No doors will be opened until the vehicle has come to a complete halt.


If any of our vehicles are damaged or soiled as a result of passengers’ actions, we will charge the client named on the contract fully for the amount to rectify the vehicle and for time lost whilst the vehicle was taken out of the fleet. We reserve the right to amend or adjust our terms and conditions with immediate effect and without prior notice.


Gratuities are at the client’s discretion and are not included in the price. If the client wishes to make a gratuity payment, he/she may request this be charged at their discretion.

Brunswick Cars wish you a pleasant journey and thank you for taking time to read our conditions of hire.

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