Transport User Guide


  1. Pupils travelling by bus or coach
  2. Pupils travelling by taxi
  3. Parents of children travelling by bus or coach
  4. Parents of children travelling by taxi or minibus
  5. Schools
  6. Passenger Assistant
  7. Drivers
  8. Brunswick Cars Staff Requirements


We are responsible for the planning and organisation of education transport for all eligible pupils and students in accordance with the policies of Brunswick Cars. The arrangements are made in such a way as to maximise the efficiency and cost- effectiveness of service provision. We also have the responsibility for the safety and equality of passengers.

This code of good practice provides guidelines for pupils, parents, schools, passenger assistants, drivers to ensure that transport provided by us is safe and effective.

It is the objective of Brunswick Cars :

To secure the effective and efficient provision of socially and educationally necessary passenger transport services that are :

  • Safe, reliable, accessible and appropriate travel needs.
  • In accordance with statutory obligations and policies of Brunswick Cars.
  • Using the most advanced transport planning and data handling techniques available to co-ordinate the provision so as to achieve the best overall value for money.
  • If you have any questions regarding school transport services, or if you need advice about obtaining further copies of this guide, please contact:

Brunswick Cars – North Cheam Depot
523 London Road
North Cheam
Surrey.SM3 8JR
0208 288 1010 [email protected]

1 Pupils Travelling by Bus or Coach

  1. Must not play about near the road while waiting for the bus or other transport.
  2. Passengers should wait on the pavement, in a safe position well back from the road.
  3. Passengers should not run towards, or round the vehicle.
  4. Must not try to get on or off the transport until it has stopped.
  5. Must not push or rush for the door when the vehicle has stopped.
  6. All vehicles are fitted with seat belt, to make sure that it is used and fastened correctly.
  7. Must listen to the Passenger Assistant and do as he or she says.
  8. Must always, when they are on the transport, stay in their seats at all times when the vehicle is moving.
  9. Must not distract the driver while he or she is driving.
  10. Must not eat or drink on the transport.
  11. Must not interfere with emergency doors or window mechanisms.
  12. Must take care that their coats, scarves or bags are not caught in the door as they enter or leave the vehicle.
  13. Must make sure that they have all their belongings as they leave the vehicle. If they have forgotten something, telephone us on 0208 288 1010. Must not try to get back on the vehicle after they get off, in case it moves suddenly.
  14. Must not cross the road close behind or in front of a bus or any other vehicle.
  15. All vehicles fitted with child locks.

2 Pupils Travelling by Taxi

  1. Must be ready at the agreed time and should be escorted to the taxi by the parent or PA who should assist the child getting into the vehicle.
  2. Must not go near the vehicle until it has stopped. Do not run towards it, or around it.
  3. Must listen to the PA where applicable and do as he or she says.
  4. Pupils who are under 12 years old or less than 135cms or 4’5” tall must use an appropriate car or booster seat provided by Brunwick Cars.
  5. Must always, when they are in the taxi, stay in their seats at all times when the vehicle is moving.
  6. Must not eat or drink on the transport.
  7. Must not interfere with doors or window mechanisms.
  8. Must take care that their coats, scarves or bags are not caught in the door as they enter or leave the vehicle.
  9. Must make sure that the have all their belongings as they leave the vehicle. If they have forgotten something please just call us.
  10. All vehicles are fitted with child locks.

3 Parents of Children using Contracted Buses/Coaches

  1. Where necessary, ensure that children are accompanied to the bus stop or agreed pick-up point in good time, and that they are supervised until the bus arrives.
  2. Where necessary, ensure that children are met when the transport returns from school. Remember that children often forget road safety as they get off the vehicle.
  3. Remind young people that playing about at bus stops and on busses can cause accidents and injuries. Make sure your children do not wear clothing that can be dangerous e.g. hanging belts or bags with loose straps, and rucksacks are carried and not worn on the transport.
  4. If you have any concerns about the provision of transport, you should contact the Local Council/Brunswick Cars.
  5. Teach children the safety rules. Make sure they understand the rules for pupils in this booklet. If your child is unaccompanied between home and the bus stop, make sure that he or she knows and follows the safest route and uses the safest crossing places.

4 Parents of Children using taxis or minibuses

  1. Where the transport is provided to or from you home address please ensure your child is ready in good time to meet the vehicle and the passenger assist will assist your child onto the vehicle.
  2. Where applicable, Brunswick Cars will ensure that the appropriate car or booster seat is provided for any child travelling by taxi or minibus who is under 12 years old and under 135cms or 4’ 5” tall.
  3. Advise the driver or passenger assistant if there may be a particular difficulty with your child on a specific day.
  4. Advise Local Council/Brunswick Cars if there are any changes to your child’s needs or arrangements that are in place – i.e. your child now requires wheelchair transport or your child is changing their attendance times.
  5. Advise Local Council/Brunswick Cars if you move or change telephone numbers – we may need to contact you in an emergency.
  6. Advise Local Council/Brunswick Cars if your child is unwell and does not require transport on a particular day – this will prevent a wasted journey please call on 0208 288 1010 the office is manned between 06:00 and 19:30 or leave a message on our answerphone outside of these hours.
  7. If you are not at home when the taxi arrives after school please be aware that we will make every effort to contact you or the emergency contact provided in your child’s transport review form. If we are unable to make contact your child may be taken to the nearest social services office and you will need to make arrangements to collect him/her yourself.
  8. If you have any concerns about the provision of transport, you should contact Brunswick Cars on 0208 288 1010 or by email [email protected].

5 Schools

  1. Make sure that children understand the rules for safety on buses and other transport.
  2. Ensure children understand the consequences of misbehaviour on transport and at bus stops.
  3. Work with parents, drivers, passenger assistants and local council in cases of problem behaviour.
  4. Consider assisting Brunswick Cars/Local council to draw up seating plan if needed.
  5. Provide adequate supervision at set down and pick-up points, and advise operators of any special parking arrangements at your school.
  6. Wherever possible, make sure that private cars do not obstruct bus stops outside schools.
  7. Agree contingency plans with Brunswick Cars in case of bad weather or other emergencies ensure that Brunswick Cars/Local Council are aware of inset or early finish days.
  8. Should any school transport fail to arrive, contact Brunswick Cars on 0208 288 1010 and keep children together whenever possible.
  9. Notify Local Council/Brunswick Cars of any changes to pupil circumstances, e.g. change of address, pupil moving away from the area, or leaving school.

6 Passenger Assistant

    • Ensure that children are safely transported to school by following the guidelines below
    • Keep doors closed until the vehicle is at a complete standstill;
    • Do not allow children to open or close vehicle doors
    • Do not allow children to leave the vehicle until you have arrived at your destination and vehicle has stopped with the engine switched off.
    • Assist parents to help pupils board and alight the vehicle by being as helpful as possible, but remain aware that your own safety and wellbeing is important;
    • Do not allow any child to assist in the loading of other pupils onto the vehicle;
    • Ensure all children are seated and wearing seat belts or restraints before informing the driver to move.
    • Check, with the driver, that any seat belts, restraints, or wheelchair clamps are correctly fastened, and that you understand how they operate and are secured;
    • Make sure that all luggage or wheelchairs etc. are safely stored;
    • On arrival at your destination get out of the vehicle and ensure that all children are well clear of the vehicle, and that nobody has returned to collect property they have left behind;
    • Close doors on the vehicle before advising the driver that it is safe to move off ensuring nothing is caught in the doors;
  1. From your seat in the vehicle you should be able to reach the doors easily and also be able to watch the children and control behaviour.
  2. In the event of severe, or persistent, misbehaviour notify the head teacher or Brunswick Cars immediately.
  3. Maintain a courteous, professionally detached relationship with the pupils and your driver. Inappropriate conversation topics and language must be avoided at all times.
  4. Co-operate with the Brunswick Cars/ teachers and parents to resolve any problems related to the transport of pupils in your charge.
  5. Ensure that the vehicle completes its allocated route, and all children are picked up according to the schedule provided.
  6. Remain with the children in the event of breakdown or accident. Never leave them unattended.
  7. Make sure you are familiar with any special needs and you have easy access to any Care Plans supplied by the Brunswick Cars.
  8. Do not eat or drink on the vehicle.
  9. Do not smoke on the vehicle or on any school premises.
  10. Ensure that all information you have regarding the children you transport is kept and remains confidential.
  11. Do not make contact with the children you transport on any social networking sites.
  12. Do not take any changes in the arrangement of transport from children.
  13. MUST wear id badge at all times.
  14. The Passenger Assistant is expected to complete their duties as part of high quality passenger transport team.
  15. Passengers may have disabilities, mobility or behavioural difficulties or other needs and the passenger assistant must demonstrate an ability to deal sensitively to their needs.
  16. The passenger assistant is expected to carry out duties in accordance with procedures and training.(Pats Training)
  17. The passenger assistant will assist passengers where necessary to and from the vehicle and provide door to door assistance.
  18. To have experience of passenger assistance or have experience of working with SEN Children,and or Vunerable adults.
  19. Must wear high visable jacket at all times.
  20. Children MUST never sit in the front of the vehicle.
  21. The vehicle must be checked after every journey.
  22. Must have a usable mobile phone.

7 Drivers – General

  1. The welfare of the pupils and other road users is of paramount importance.
  2. Do not drive a vehicle you consider to be unroadworthy or in contravention of PCV regulations, other legislation or licensing regulations. Report any faults to Brunswick Cars immediately.
  3. The use of a mobile telephone is strictly prohibited while on the vehicle.
  4. Do not eat of drink while driving.
  5. Drivers should not make contact with any of the children they transport on social networking sites.
  6. Work with passenger assistant and be aware of any problems or special needs a pupil may have.
  7. Follow the scheduled route and use only designated pick-up and set down points. If it proves impossible to maintain the schedule timetable notify Brunswick Cars about the problem or lateness.
  8. Never allow any other unauthorised passengers to travel on your vehicle.
  9. Avoid physical contact with pupils wherever possible. Maintain a courteous and professionally objective relationship with your passengers and the passenger assistant. Inappropriate conversation topics and bad language must be avoided at all times. Radio/music volume should, if used, be at a reasonable level – remember some of the children you may be transporting my not react well to loud noise.
  10. Report any incident of misbehaviour to us.
  11. Check for lost property at the end of journeys, and hand any items found to Brunswick Cars.
  12. Parents must be advised to contact Brunswick Cars for any changes to travel arrangements although in a small number of cases this may be after the event where there are last minute issues i.e. sickness
  13. MUST wear id badge/license at all times.
  14. MUST wear high visable jacket.
  15. Children MUST never sit in the front of the vehicle.

Boarding and Alighting

  1. Approach each stop slowly and with care. Do not break sharply. Wherever possible pick up and set down onto the pavement, and never onto the carriageway.
  2. Hazard warning lights may be used when pupils are boarding and alighting, as circumstances and legislation dictate.
  3. Keep the doors closed until you have bought the vehicle to a complete standstill. Do not allow children to open or close the doors of your vehicle.
  4. Always wait for several seconds before closing the door. Check that doors are properly closed, and that nothing is trapped in them, inside or out. Use nearside mirrors to check before pulling away.
  5. Do not drive away until all pupils are seated and/or secured.
  6. When unloading make sure that all pupils are well clear of the vehicle before moving off.
  7. When delivering a child to his or her home address, wait until a responsible adult receives the child and that person is adequately supervising the pupil.
  8. Ensure you are familiar with any equipment on the vehicle to assist with boarding and alighting, such as wheelchair lifts or ramps, and that you know how to fit and secure wheelchairs and seats correctly.
  9. If pupils have to exit at the rear of a minibus, make sure they are supervised.
  10. If you have to reverse the vehicle activate the buzzer.
  11. Co-operate with school and authority staff over arrangements for parking, and the picking up and setting down of pupils within the school grounds.

Safety in the vehicle

  1. Seat belts are fitted to all our vehicles, please ensure they are USED. If a child has a special harness or wheelchair make sure you know how to deal with them, that they are secured before moving off and that there is an independent passenger restraint for each wheelchair user.
  2. Make sure all luggage is safely stowed, and the gangway and emergency exits are not obstructed.
  3. Do not allow your vehicle to be loaded beyond its capacity.
  4. Follow the highway codes at all times. Adhere to speed limits.
  5. Do not smoke on school transport vehicles or on school premises.
  6. “School Transport” signs should always be used. Ensure they are in the appropriate positions, and only displayed when the vehicle is being used to transport pupils.
  7. Ensure that child locks are used.

In an Emergency

  1. In the event of breakdown or accident call Brunswick Cars on 0208 288 1010. make sure that the vehicle is in a safe immobile condition before leaving it. Instruct the pupils that they must not leave the vehicle. If necessary. You should make every effort to stay with you vehicle and pupils.
  2. In the event of fire or other hazard, evacuate the vehicle in a calm, orderly manner and take pupils to a safe distance from the vehicle.
  3. Ensure you have been supplied with the telephone numbers of the people who you should contact in an emergency i.e. Brunswick Cars, – these must be kept in the vehicle at all times.
  4. Ensure you know how to use the fire extinguisher and first aid kit, and any other safety equipment.

8 Brunswick Cars Requirement

  1. We ensure all staff are familiar with these guidelines.
  2. We make sure that telephone numbers of the people who should be notified in an emergency e.g., Parents, Brunswick Cars, and the Schools, and that drivers and PA periodically of their duty to follow this guidance.
  3. Establish contingency plans for dealing with vehicle failures.
  4. We ensure staff and vehicles meet both statutory obligations and any additional requirements set by Brunswick Cars.
  5. We make sure that any necessary equipment such as specialist harnesses or wheelchair restraints are supplied.
  6. Report recurrent problems, such as pupil change in behaviour, to the school and Brunswick Cars we will then inform the local council.
  7. We make sure that a copy of all letters received concerning the operation other service are given to crew member before starting route.
  8. We report any late running, breakdown or accident to the Council & School.
  9. We ensure that all services are operational according to the agreed route and schedule.
  10. We ensure that any drivers who have been injured in road traffic accidents are certified by a medical professional as being fit to resume driving duties before they return to work.
  11. In the event of an incident or accident involving any form of school transport, make sure that Brunswick Cars & Parents informed immediately.
  12. All staff must have a current DBS/First Aid/PATs or Midas & Epilepsy Training.
  13. We are committed to excellence and all drivers MUST hold a minimum of a PCV/PCO driving license.

9 Brunswick Cars Transport Unit

  1. Parents, School’s will have access to advice and assistance at all reasonable time (i.e. between 06:30am and 19:30pm on school days and the two working days immediately preceding the start of term, and between 08:00am and 17:30pm on other weekdays).
  2. Brunswick Cars will endeavour to apply high standards of customer care, and to undertake regular monitoring of complaints in line with our guidelines . Any complaints should initially be made in writing and addressed to Brunswick Cars Ltd,523 London Road,North Cheam,SM3 8JR.
  3. We ensure that any equipment such as specialist harness or booster seats will be provided as necessary.
  4. School journeys will be planned to minimise journey times, subject to the provision of an efficient and cost-effective service, and should not normally exceed one and a quarter hours in each direction in the case of local routes.
  5. Checks will be made by Brunswick Cars, drivers and passenger assistants have no record of criminal convictions (DBS) or cautions which make them unsuitable for a post which involves access to children and vunerable adults and are suitably trained in Midas/Pats/Epilepsy/First Aid Training.
  6. The safety and quality of school transport services will be monitored by the team on a regular basis.
  7. Every vehicle is fitted with the latest tracker system to avoid delay and monitor route.

Management Structure

Director : Jamie Burroughs – [email protected]

Transport Manager : Harry Burroughs – [email protected]

Transport Assistant : Alfie Burroughs – [email protected]

Passenger Operations : Marc Burroughs – [email protected]

Office Manager : Zoe Burroughs – [email protected]

Office Assistant : Anna Banks – [email protected]

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